July 2010

Thanks also to the Boyd Family for hosting our first ever Bristlecone Audubon Field Trip. We spent a wonderful July morning wandering through flocks of black tern and white-faced ibis, and spying on several species of wetland birds making their living wading, flying and foraging among the bulrush, cattail, hay meadow and willow brakes of the Boyd–Humboldt River Wetland IBA (National Audubon Important Bird Area).   It certainly is nice to know that people like the Boyds are taking to heart their role as stewards of the Humboldt River floodplain. We owe them a great debt of gratitude. The American avocets and sandhill cranes, the bobolinks and black-necked stilts seemed to be nodding in approval as well.


Boyd-Humboldt River Wetland July 17 morning fieldtrip totals:  

American White Pelican     1

Great Blue Heron     1

Great Egret     2

Snowy Egret     3 

Black-crowned Night-Heron     2 

White-faced Ibis     20 

hawk sp.      

Greater Sandhill Crane     2

Killdeer     5

Black-necked Stilt     6

American Avocet     6

Willet     3

Long-billed Curlew     7

Wilson's Snipe     2

Wilson's Phalarope     12

gull sp.     1

Black Tern     10

Forster's Tern     6

Mourning Dove     1

Western Kingbird     1

Black-billed Magpie     5

American Crow     1

Common Raven     10

Barn Swallow     7

Cliff Swallow     40

American Robin     8

Sage Thrasher     1

European Starling     2


 PHOTO ALBUM JULY 2010  photos by LKPorts

A special activity that the group was priviledged to participate in was the release back to the wild of three young American Kestrels. Jo Dean our local Raptor Rehabilitator arranged  for our group  to release these birds at the Boyd Ranch IBA.

Kestrel Release   photos by AAHaglund